Mawra Hocane to restart her education; Is she quitting Showbiz

Mawra Hocane restarting her education

Sammi actress Mawra Hocane defies the perception that showbiz personalities lack former higher education.

Gorgeous and bold Mawra who doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind on social media is going back to the law school for completing her LLB.

Mawra Hocane said,”I believe in finishing what I start; not being able to do that makes me feel weak. As to why I chose to go back to studying, I have never considered studies as a means to obtain a job. For me, education is all about knowledge. While I polish my job, I want to polish my intelligence as well,” Images reported.

She is not quitting showbiz but just rescheduling her time around education and work.

It seems that Mawra took her time to decide what she should pursue because she revealed about her six months of studying medicine and then Fashion designing, later she came to know that It was the law that felt close to her interests.

Mawra Hocane has already amassed huge fan following due to her looks and acting. Her debut Bollywood movie Sanam Teri Kasam didn’t shine on box office, but it did very positive to bring actress in the limelight.

Whether it is boxing at the gym for undergoing body transformation for a new role or acting as a traditional village girl Sammi, Mawra always has to offer a uniqueness to her fans.

Sammi, the drama which covers a critical issue of honor killing is being deemed as another Udaari, a trendsetter Pakistani drama that was centered around the child abuse.

There are chances that shooting of Sammi would clash with Mawra’s study schedule but she is quite committed to making up for any loss by giving extra time to her academic work.

The actress also made headlines when she couldn’t tolerate harsh criticism of her sister, Urwa Hocane at lavish celebrations of their wedding and took to social media for giving a shut up call to haters with a strong response.

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