Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane, the famous Sammi actress and Instagram sensation has finally been announced as the new face of LUX! Mawra Hocane

For a very long time, Mawra had been posting on her social media about a dream project which she was finally doing! She didn’t announce it at that time, however, kept the public attracted towards herself as curiosity was getting the best of them. Several people guessed what this collaboration might be, but as we go through the comments, no one guessed it!

Finally it was revealed to us that Mawra Hocane has been announced as the new face of Lux, and this was indeed a dream come true for the girl! She now addressed herself as Lux girl, and she’s celebrating it as much as she can.

Mawra HocaneWe gather she’s enjoying this as much as she can, and as far as we’re concerned, she looks drop dead gorgeous being the new face of Lux! We can’t wait to see her on our TV screens all the time as she campaigns for this brand. Mawra already knows how to carry herself properly, and wearing this dress made of magic and sparkles, she looks out of this world! Can anyone guess what this ad is going to be like?

Furthermore, Mawra is receiving congratulations and warm wishes from everyone, including some Bollywood celebrities. Her loveĀ for these Indian actresses is probably a secret behind her extreme hype, but lets face it, she’s worthy of everything she gets because she believes in herself! Besides, her love for her motherland and her patriotism is nonetheless, once an Indian fan slammed Pakistan, and she gave the person an open shut up call.

Well, we congratulate Mawra and hope she achieves everything she aims for in life! Someone this enthusiastic about her work should get the very best. Good luck for it Mawra!


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