Mawra defends Urwa's wedding

Mawra defends Urwa's wedding

Here comes to you the secrets of looking younger than your age, through personal experiences of Mawra Hocane. The gorgeous Pakistani actress says that reducing weight is the underlying secret of looking younger. People who put on high weights, often look elder than their age.

The actress moves further while revealing more secrets of her little body weight and refreshing looks, by giving the direct credit to boxing.

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In an interview,  Mawra told that she was playing the role of an 18 years old girl in Sammi and to perfectly have the looks of such girl she needed to reduce the weight, for this purpose she started boxing and already cut 8kg of weight.

Almost, everyone wants to look smart and fit while enjoying their favourite eatables. Unfortunately, many people are caught up in an illusion that feasting on their favourite food always comes at the cost of depositing body fats, which is not true at all. So, they start compromising on their taste buds for maintaining a perfect physical appearance.

The stories of celebrities who work hard to retain their fitness reveal that stifling desire of eating delicious food is not a prerequisite for losing weight. One just has to spend time in the gym and do work-out.

Mawra Hocane, the younger sister of actress Urwa Hocane quickly managed to amass attention of the cross-border film industry due to her talent and charming looks. After doing her debut film for Bollywood, she is back to Pakistan and again acting for the Pakistani dramas.

Making extreme boy transformations is not a big deal for actors as they often have to do so for meeting the requirements of a particular role. In many cases, actors have to undergo a transformation from a lean entire body to a fat one for the two different scenes of the same movie.

One recent example can be witnessed in the case of Amir Khan who had to appear in two completely different looks in his film Dangal, that is scheduled to release in December.


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