Mawra Hocane

Gorgeous and bold Mawra Hocane never misses a chance to keep her connections alive with Bollywood divas. The actress always takes inspiration from the shining stars of the film industry, across the border.

Amidst the political tensions between both the countries Mawra Hocane is still in contact with Bollywood stars and keep up showing her love and support for their tremendous achievement.

Priyanka Chopra’s production film, ventilator bagged three National Awards while Sonam Kapoor won the award for best actress in her film Neerja where she played the role of an air hostess. Mawra was quick enough to recognize the achievements of these accomplished actresses and showed her warm wishes her tweets.

While for Sonam she said,

Astonishingly, Priyanka and Sonam Kapoor both responded to Mawra Hocane with the same warmth and zeal.

Quantico actress thanked Mawra by saying.

Same sort of response came from Sonam Kapoor.

Mawra Hocane who always manages to find a connection with Bollywood stars even in a PSL final is maintaining the bridge between her across the border co-stars despite the fact that art and artists are also becoming a victim of traditional rivalry between two countries.


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