Mawra defends Urwa's wedding

The wedding celebration of the Pakistan’s trendiest couple Urwa Hocane and Farhan Khan not only attained attention for becoming a ceremony at public level but also amassed criticism.

Urwa Hocane, the friend like a sister of Mawra Hocane and a celebrity in herself, came out in a robust defense of the newly wed couple. The start took to the Facebook and expressed her sincere sentiments and grievances over the hatred spilled by people.

Many people on social media slammed the couple for the extravagance and encouraging consumerism with such show and pomp. They didn’t remain limited to celebrations but also commented on the dressing even. Mawra who saw all this disgusting and offensive for a family expressed that she is quite prone to accept negativity about herself and ignore it, but when it comes to her family, she can’t tolerate.

“I usually don’t respond to negativity as it doesn’t affect me but this time around it’s about my family. While I’m overwhelmed that we are now three public figures in the same family, I want to say we are still human”.

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She also revealed that it Mawra had injured her ankle and she just kept on participating all this joy because of her commitment to fans, family and public despite the harsh pain.

“My sister injured her ankle on the day of her nikkah so much so she could not walk the next day but what do you know about her pain because all you saw was that BIG smile on her face as she greeted each and every fan & every member of the family. We won’t tell you, and you won’t notice because, of course, being a hater gets you attention”.

Earlier Faisal Qureshi had also criticized the social media users who made fun out of the wedding celebration of the couple and cause damage to the sentiments of the family.


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