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Source: The Nation

After a frustrating 2 months, the children willing to appear for the Medical and Dental colleges admissions test will be re-sitting the exam tomorrow.

The first exam was conducted on August 20, in which about 65,000 candidates appeared in 28 different test centers. However, that test was cancelled as it was rumored that the paper had leaked beforehand. To ensure proper admissions on merit and transparency, another test was announced to be held. It has been assured by the Vice Chancellor of University of Health Sciences, Prof. Faisal Masud, that the panel of teachers from FSc and A-levels have worked hard to compile three different question papers this time out of which one would be handed out to the students.

It is such a sad thing to see, putting the future of 65,000 students on stake! Children dream to be a part of medical colleges all their lives, especially in Pakistan, where parents instill it into the minds of their children that becoming a doctor should be their utmost aim. Several students lost hope when they heard that, after preparing for the Medical and Dental colleges admission test for the entire summer, they would have to re-appear for it.

The candidates will be competing for a total of 3405 MBBS seats in 17 medical colleges from the public sector, and 216 seats in 3 dental colleges of the public sector. Furthermore, there are another 2640 MBBS seats and 525 BDS seats available in medical and dental colleges in the private sector which are affiliated with the university.

We wish the students the best of luck, and hope no one faces this unlucky fate again in the future.



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