Medical students only to be allowed 4 attempts to clear exams

medical students
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A petition was filed by a few medical students who demanded unlimited chances to clear their medical exams in the first and second year.

This was the norm, about a decade and a half ago, when Pakistan Medical and Dental Council abolished it and made it a rule that students of the first and second year of MBBS would only get four chances to clear their exams, after which they will no longer be allowed to continue their degree.

The reason behind this law was that there were several students who had been studying in the same medical college for 15 years or more, and were eventually acquainted with crime and other illegal activities. Furthermore, President of PMDC, Shabbir Lehri, mentioned that any student who requires more than four attempts to clear their first or second year of MBBS does not deserve to be a doctor, and such students should not waste the money of the public as well as their parents.

The petition filed by the students was heard by a three member bench including Justice Saqib Nisar at the Supreme Court, however, it was rejected. The order given by the Supreme Court mentions that the rule made by PMDC is absolutely valid and correct. The petitioner was extremely upset over the order of the Supreme Court.

However, it seems highly doubtful that medical students, the future doctors of our nation, would require more than 4 attempts to clear an exam.

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