Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort
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The Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort is probably the best resort one can spend a peaceful and fun weekend at.
You require a membership for it, which has both its pros and cons. Anyone without a membership cannot go there, unless accompanied with someone who holds the membership of Oasis. That means no stags, no randoms, and no one to bother you for no reason! It is about a 30 minutes drive from Lahore and is located on Multan Road.
Here are some of the reasons why a membership at the Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort is totally worth it:

Families or mixed groups allowed only:

Its great because girls don’t have to feel uncomfortable, and they’re always surrounded by people they know. No awkward stares or anything!

There’s a fake beach:

Ever dreamed of sitting on a pool tube and just float on the sea side under the sun with your shades on? Well, there’s a fake beach with fake waves that’ll make this one dream come true!

Water slides:

There are four different kinds of water slides you can take. They’re fun, you go fast, and you end up in a big SPLASH! Very safe, and honestly, not scary at all.

There’s a lazy river:

Nothing much to see, just a lazy river you can float across and swim in with waves. Perfect relaxing time… an hour over the weekend in this will definitely help you recharge for the upcoming week!

There are small kiddy pools:

There are areas for toddlers and young kids to play at, pools, swings and slides. So don’t worry about your toddlers annoying you or getting bored there themselves, they’ll probably be having more fun than you!

Lifeguards all around the place:

Its fine if you can’t swim, you can still enjoy yourself to the fullest. There are life guards surrounding the whole place, so if there’s ever an incident where you’re about to drown or you fall off your pool tube, don’t worry, you’ll be brought back to land easily. ?

Its not only an Aqua Resort:

It has so much more to it, like Archery, boat rides, horse riding, car racing, etc.

The food’s amazing:

Its fine if you get tired and hungry, you can order in there from there wide range of different foods they offer. Oh and their ice cream and slushes are DIVINE! The chocolate ice cream with brownies is similar to chocolate devotion at cold stone, one of my favorite places to have dessert at!


All in all, every time I go to Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort, I love it. I enjoy the most, my day goes by filled with fun, I enjoy the food, and its always a memorable day.

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