Metro bus taking a route away from promised land


Since, the Metro Bus Service has been introduced in Punjab a few years ago by PML(N) Governemet; it has provided great ease to the countrymen.

But the other side of the picture couldn’t remain hidden in the box for long, as many lapses have been detected in the project.

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Buses became inoperative

Initially, it was reported that plenty of metro buses went out of order.

It must be asked that how such a high-costing project’s buses became inoperative that earlier.

Non-functional air conditioning system

The passangers travel through air conditioned metros to have a smooth ride in hot summer but to their utter disappointment, the air conditioners of the bus turned out to be ‘non-functional.’

“No luxury in ‘world class luxury metro Bus’ service.”

Uncomfortable buses

It has been observed that there is no limit specified for number of commuters to be allowed in the bus at one time, hence causing great uneasiness.

Upon entering the fully-packed metro bus, you will first tightly hold on to your stuff, then receive a major push from the already gathered crowd, standing inside the world class metro.

In such congested bus, you won’t feel that air conditioners are even working; suffocation is natural.

The passangers might feel once whether it’s hi-fi metro or just another ‘Jangla Bus.’

Miserable state of Metro stations

While the escalator is defective too, you can use the stairs of Lahore Metro Station but oh! You slipped a little as the stairs are cracked and broken. This can cause any serious accident though.

Broken seats of buses

Fortunately, if ever you have got a seat in the bus, you will realize that rough use and not proper care of buses have caused many seats to be broken.

“Why the quality of metro service doesn’t match the lofty spendings on it?”

Poor planning

Before initiating the project, Government didn’t planned to run it efficiently, by setting some rules and educating people about its use.

But what Government should had done?

For instance, Government should had planned to specify the number of commuters to travel at one time in a bus and not more than fixed numbers would be allowed to travel in one metro.

This would not only help the passangers to travel comfortably but will also keep the buses in good condition.

Also, people must be educated about the use of metros before introducing them.

The rules must also be made by Government to check the state of buses and stations once in a month, so that any defect found must be removed.

Though the buses are of great ease for citizens but poor planning of Government has turned the project into a failure.

Furthermore, Punjab Government is introducing more projects like that; such as, metro feeder buses, despite of knowing the poor state of the older projects.

Government should first improve the state of the older projects, then go for initiating the new ones.

Otherwise, the line-up of faulty projects will be soon seen in Punjab; definitely, it would be a failure of the provincial government.


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