Metro bus by Shehbaz Shareef driving

Metro Bus Lahore is a good project regarding the number of people it is facilitating and the meager 20 rupees, it takes from Shahdra to Gajumata, there is no doubt about that. But the project is failing and have some feasibility issues.

But why we think that this project is done for the animals not tackling the humans? Yes, the answer will be in this same article.

Metro Bus project, a white elephant, which has caused Rs1.64 billion loss to the government since its inauguration in February 2013 regarding subsidy. And a book can be written on the corruption committed and somehow uselessness of this project.

What should be done, according to International standards, before initiating any project? The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind are sustainability – also known as feasibility, meaning what the long term boons of the project would be; but unfortunately, the Metro bus project proved a total failure.

Feasibility reports would have catered the cost, effects on cultural buildings and markets, and foremost how will it facilitate passengers.

PMLN never understands the importance of calculations and research before starting any project.

Pakistan, where people are not getting food, shelter and other necessities like clothes, starting such a project, is a waste and the money spent on it is an extravagance. But Shehbaz Shareef and PMLN team always plan and implements those projects which have material existence and roam for the corruption. The flyovers are built so that one can see them from far away and can say “baley vai baley.”

CM Shehbaz never thought himself accountable; rather he feels like a King on a throne.

There are very reasonable and logical points that Metro bus should not be made in first place, as we need hospitals and universities as a priority but keeps aside that. Also, leave the corruption and the loss government facing in subsidising such a transport network. The cultural and economic loss, we confronted in this city, all the monuments sightseeing got disturbed, and the old markets lost their relaxed approach. Today what we are talking is the metro Lahore nimbleness.

Efficient and professionally handled transport system is a dream for the citizens never fulfilled.

Metro Lahore’s escalators are mostly found closed as Pakistan is facing load shedding, generators are mostly out of order due to the sluggishness of the management. So what about elder citizens, how they supposed to climb over the bridge at almost four floors height?

And the queues, My God, We had witnessed such long lines in front of banks a decade ago, but time has changed. Technology has revolutionized the spectrums, but Metro Lahore is another exception, where we are living in dark ages.

Making queues and waiting for the turn to buy the ticket is cordial as far as this habit is concerned, but in this century, countries have evolved in facilitating the citizens.  The priority is not that just give the service to the people, priority should be that service should be meaningful and will facilitate the citizens not burden them with frustration.

Why there is just one ticketing machine at every station? Why the metro card is not well organized and advertised?

NFC Technology:

Metro Bus Authority can embed mobile phone NFC technology in their system. Also, they can collaborate with mobile paisa services but if there resides any intention. Which we don’t think there is.

We are Humans, not animals.

Passengers are stuffed in buses like animals. That’s pathetic. Transportation should be provided where people can travel upholding their esteem. That’s not the way to have the public transport planned in developed countries. One can die of suffocation, as hundreds of people are packed into one single bus, that the bodies are hugged together.

More Buses?

So what is the solution for that? Metro Bus Authority should have planned more buses into the system if it is costly and will raise the subsidy to another high level. Then what did they think when they designed the whole elephant? I cannot stand the fact that the metro bus will cater the citizens the same way it is doing right now, like animals. We just want that it takes passengers from one station to another keeping their dignity intact.

The traffic beneath the metro flyovers is facing many problems as the width of the road is shortened now. So basically blockage beneath the metro and long queue above at metro station. What a perfect project.


CM Shehbaz and the Punjab government should have emphasized on giving people an efficient transportation facility. LTC( Lahore Transport Company) should be given attention; it is ignored, and most of Lahore is unable to use public buses as metro just caters 5% population of the large Lahore city.

Connecting transport:

Also the subways around the world are made smoother by implanting the connecting transport routes towards metro from the corners of the city. The government wants us to use the metro bus by spending much money on auto-rickshaws, which is stupid by the way. There should be buses, LTC routes with every bus coming after a maximum of 10 minutes which somehow manages to have one stop of the metro station in their whole way. This is the way developed countries are controlling the transport.

Awareness through advertisement:

When there is much money spent on the brainless advertisements and personification of Shehbaz Sharif, Why government cannot utilize their resources to aware the general public. Print and electronic media can be used to create awareness among the passengers to how to use and respond to the transport being built for them.


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