Donald Trump Calls PM Nawaz Sharif

Donald Trump has proudly boasted that million of votes cast in the US elections were illegal. He said this in response to Green Party’s presidential candidate Jill Stein’s petition for a vote recount in Wisconson state.

Trump who lagged behind the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton from 20,00,000 votes and won by electoral college votes, showed confidence in his presidency. He just wanted to prove that vote recount may expose the illegal process of election. Still, it wouldn’t impact the Trump’s win as next American President in any way because he is elected by the electoral vote and not of a popular vote.

Jill Stein American presidential candidate had filed a petition with election commission for the state of Wisconsin and also intended to do the same in Michigan and Pennsylvania. According to Jill Stein, revelations about the hack of email and public’s database made the vote casting process unreliable, so election commission should consider the vote casting process. All these three states have played a deciding role in the victory of Donald Trump so that any vote recount may result in further increase or decrease of any candidate’s votes.

After Donald Trump had won the presidential elections, protests in different states of the US erupted as the public didn’t accept Trump to be the next resident of White House.


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