How Misbah has Made Pakistan a Bland Team to Watch


Like every captain in the past, Misbah ul Haq has also made his fair share of mistakes due to which the team’s entertainment value has diminished. Make no mistake, the man has everything in his favor, most test wins, best win percentage and most importantly, he brought a sense of discipline in Pakistan team which was not there is previous teams.

But one thing that he has taken away is the sense of entertainment that has brought Pakistan its fame. Make no mistake, victory has its own taste, but it also matters the way you play cricket. In Misbah’s era, the glamor quotient has been completely taken away from Pakistan. And he overstayed after Australia due to which even if Misbah’s┬ácareer came to an emotional conclusion, the team lost a golden opportunity to try out some new faces.


One though cannot blame him entirely due to the fact that in the very first series he became the captain of Pakistan, both Amir and Asif were banned for spot-fixing. But after that, even the way he utilized Umar Gul and Junaid Khan left a lot to be desired. He made them into a workhorse which was far from ideal as they were wicket taking bowlers. Due to the way, they were over bowled, both faced spate of injuries and thus are not the test match “fast” bowlers anymore. The story of Junaid is particularly sad as he made Virat Kohli his bunny during that infamous “Aaney Do” series. While Sohail Khan, Rahat Ali and Imran Khan were efficient rather than spectacular.


The only solace was the way Saeed Ajmal and Yasir Shah appeared leading spinners in the world. Yasir Shah has surpassed Saeed Ajmal when it comes to testing match mastery and is no doubt a vital cog in Pakistan’s Test future, though Ajmal brought an all round game where he played not only as a stock bowler but an attacking option.

The less said about batting, the better it is as Misbah, Younis and Azhar stabilized the batting in his era but other than the spate of 99’s he made, his batting was all about survival rather than entertain. So it would be a good template for next skipper to make sure that even though they instill the same sense of discipline, but bring about some flair in the team which is desperately missing at the moment.



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