Misbah and Younis: Emotional Finale to a Great Career


So finally Misbah and Younis bid farewell to international cricket in an emotional finale in the third test vs. West Indies. It was ironical that both men were again needed to take Pakistan out of the chaos, but instead, Pakistan were allowed to take the initiative due to the effort of the tail-enders. It was an emotional moment for a Pakistani cricket fan finally seeing some of their childhood heroes getting their fair share of respect after what happened earlier to the heroes of the past like Wasim and Waqar. Even this series had an interesting side note as Misbah was stranded on 99 couple of times, thus providing a bittersweet conclusion to his international career. Again it was a typical shrug of the shoulders and a smile.

Misbah and Younis Hug Each other

And Younis Khan claiming the record for most catches in a three test match series, again showing that Pakistan would miss much more than the runs offered by this giant of the game. If both men who are really different from each other but need to co-exist then they should follow the example of this pair. Younis, a fierce Pathan warrior, playing his cricket in an era when Pakistan was robbed of home ground. Faced several personal tragedies and still went about his business smiling. Misbah, losing his father early on had a tragedy of its own, but still doing MBA and then becoming a first class cricketer shows the structured way his mind works.

Misbah Guard of Honor

Misbah announced his retirement first, and Younis, later on, felt the same about his career.  Both can make a claim to be the most successful captain, and the most successful batsmen of Pakistan and that itself is an homage to their abilities. There are much more talented players in Pakistan, but they could not scale the same heights due to their lack of professional ethic and discipline. We at Outlook Pakistan pay respect to both these heroes.


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