Salman Haider a human rights activist goes missing

If you raise voice for the missing persons, you are more likely to become one among them; this is the lesson that case of human rights activist Salman Haider teaches us.

Salman Haider, the poet, human rights activist and the lecturer at the Fatima Jinnah Women University is among the four activists who went missing in the first week of January. According to media reports, Ahmed Goraya and Asim Saeed disappeared on 4th January; Salman Haider went missing on Friday, and the fourth one activist was Ahmed Raza Naseer who vanished on Saturday according to relatives.

We hardly get to know about any news related to sudden disappearances of the militants’ general media is usually silent in the issue that comes to limelight after the NGOs raise their voice.

Till now we are not sure about the exact fate of the Salman Haider, but it seems to be another case of curbing the voice of an activist who is outspoken when it comes to violation of fundamental human rights of minorities and underprivileged communities of Pakistan.

Salman Haider’s poem “Mein bhi Kafir Tu Bhi Kafir” went viral on social media and also claimed critical value in contemporary Urdu literature. The song correctly depicted the confliction Pakistani society by sectarian differences and clashes. It also casts light on the conflict of religion with science that often becomes severe to a level of declaring infidelity to an opponent.

After the incident took place many social rights activists, journalists and people from civil society took to the Twitter and expressed their concern over the disappearance of an intellectual.


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