Misuse of power

The video of an FC personnel hitting a reporter from a local tv channel in Karachi has gone viral over social media since yesterday.

The reporter was trying to project the problems that the public faces in NADRA offices when she pointed out the FC guard who was on duty but allegedly was being rude and unhelpful to the public.

Now, the episode was very condemnable and there is no second opinion about the fact that the guard misbehaved with the woman but the other hand everyone can clearly see in the video that was posted on the social media that the reporter was being rude to the guard prior to the episode; pulling the guard towards the camera.

The video has been gathering mixed comments; many of the social media users are siding with the reporter because certainly, it is condemnable to lay hands on a woman and it is against the ethical values too.

But on the other hand, there are some other people on the social-media that are expressing dissatisfaction over the manner that the reporter was treating the FC guard.

This has raised the question that many people have been asking already and that is about the limits that media is willing to cross to get content for their program.

There have been complaints from many departments and even private business owners in past against the rude and mafia-like attitude of media-persons who allegedly threaten of blaming them for different crimes on national tv. The allegations say that these media-persons exchange favors for not ‘exposing’ people.

The journalists and new outlets have been facing many threats on daily basis for their activities to fulfill their professional duties.

Recently, in one of their articles in print edition, the economist has declared that the media in the subcontinent is very outgoing but the Pakistani media-persons faces more threats than that of their counterparts from across the border.

The discovery may be an interesting news for the rest of the world but for those who face these dangers it is not a joke. The year 2016 has been relatively safe year for the journalists in Pakistan or it feels like because there has been no news about it so far. During 2014-15 seven journalists were murdered because of their professional activities.

Pakistani media facing many difficulties and crosses many barriers to bringing the word to the public. Misusing power is condemnable regardless of the authority and position.


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