modern renaissance

The modern renaissance palette is by Anastasia Beverly Hills, and is an eyeshadow palette consisting of 14 highly pigmented shadows.
So many girls always get confused about which eyeshadow palette they should invest in, and if anything, I can guarantee you that investing in this palette will be the best decision you’ll make! It has neutral and berry tones, and is pretty great for creating an everyday or even a heavy eye makeup look. The palette also provides a two-ended eye shadow blending brush, which is great for application. I only use it whenever I use this palette!

What’s so great about this palette:

The shadows are really pigmented. A single stroke can put on so much eye shadow! Moreover, the eye shadows are highly pigmented as well. They adhere pretty well to bare skin, and they don’t even come off that easily when applied. The palette is mostly matte, but there are some shimmery shades as well. Its shadows are extremely soft! Here are my 4 most favorite colors:

Modern Renaissance
From left to right: Primevera, Veteran Red, Love Letter, Realgar

And now these with flash:

Modern Renaissance

How I like to use these eyeshadows:

Tempera is a nude-skin colour. I normally apply it as a base before applying any eye shadow above it. It helps to make the eyeshadows over it stand out more.

Vemeer and Primevera are shimmers, and I often apply these first after the base.

All the dark colours like Cyprus Umber and Love Letter are great for creating a cut crease!

The others like Raw Sienna re good to create a soft look basically blending them out at the edges with a shimmery base.

You can create a lot of different looks with this makeup palette, and that’s the most fun part about it! Such a variety of colors and hues.

What I don’t like about this palette:

Honestly, absolutely nothing. I love it so much I’m sure I’ll buy a new one as soon as I run out of the one I already have.

On, its only for 42 US dollars, which is a pretty darn great price for a palette which comes with 14 eyeshadows! But sadly we don’t have Sephora in Pakistan, but we do have La Viva Glam which is an online makeup store, and they have every makeup product you can think of! The store has the modern renaissance palette for Rs. 6800. However, if this is expensive for some of you, I’ll try finding a closely related dupe palette and I’ll review that as well!


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