Molestation by her own uncle when 12


Worst of all is to be abused by the ones, we trust and respect. Amna’s story is no different as she suffered molestation when just 12-year-old.

It was the blissful and beautiful event of the Chand Raat when the little girl witnessed the ugly side of his uncle.

On Chand Raat, all the family members were out for fun and shopping, that usually happens on the night before the Eid.

But Amna, being introvert preferred to stay at the aunt’s home rather than joining the family in fun.

Watching the famous HBO’s ‘Supernatural’ she didn’t have an idea about what she would be going through in the next few seconds.

“I was completely lost in the battles of Dean and Sam, when I realized a hand from back groped me,” Amna told to the Humans Of Pakistan.

Her uncle groped Amna first and covered her mouth with the another hand to prevent her from screaming.

She identified the uncle by the scent of his cologne. The other moment when the little 12-year-old panicked to get rid of his grip, he raised the volume of the TV.

The sick man then tried to touch the girl inappropriately and Amna’s efforts of defending herself went useless.

That horrible night of the molestation infringed the little mind of just 12-year-old to the great as she was tortured both mentally and physically.

The scars of being abused by a man who has a very ‘sharif’ reputation in the family are even more devastating.

One can not raise the voice even against him because apparently no one believes the victim and trust the kindness and gentleness of the uncle.

So did happen with Amna but since then she never visited the abuser’s home.

It’s all the societal faults that let the victims to be blamed and left them in the dark forever.

If only, the perspectives of the society get changed towards the victims of the abuse, they will stand up for themselves and would never remain in the darkness.


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