“Ghalat aur bohat ghalat mein se ap kis ko chunein ge?” A line from the movie that basically advocated the revenge game of MOM.

Taking the law in hand because the system failed and opting for the revenge by a mother from the sexual assaulters of her daughter is the storyline of the MOM.

Though the plot or scheme of the movie is not a new one; Maatr and Kaabil, the two bollywood movies were also based on taking the avenge from the sexual abusers.

But what made MOM distinct from the others is, it’s being ‘more effective’. This movie became more impactful because of the masterclass Sridevi’s and others acting.

It felt like Sridevi, specifically, poured the emotions in her acting literally, that directly hits the heart.

Devki (Sridevi) gets hopeless from the law as the assaulters won the clean chit from the court due to the lack of the evidences.

This led the mother to take the revenge herself so, she smartly yet brutally killed and trapped all the abusers.

Mom being helped by the detective DK Daryaganj played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui amazingly. His character was so calm yet so loud, so low yet so subtle and sharp.

Akshay Khana being the crime branch cop showed again that he is one of the finest actors in the bollywood.

Both the detective and cop added little comic and thrill to the movie.

How the cop let the mother to kill the last left abuser on the vacation, showed that, he himself believed that, sometimes its better to take the law in your hand to prevent more crimes because apparently law can not see the story across the evidences.

But also the failure of the law led the crime rate to get higher even more.

“Rape tou kia ja sakta hai liken rapists ko thapar nahi mara ja sakta.”

It’s one of the best dialogues of the movie, which aptly showed where the law is going.

The line came in course by Devki when Anand (Adnan Siddiqui) get jailed by the court, when he punched the abusers, right after the court’s verdict in favour of the rapists, calling it contempt of the court.

Adnan Siddiqui playing Anand added much life and strength to the movie with his classy charm and acting.

Since, the movie has got ‘all good’ reputation but still its potraying of the stereotypical attitude towards the sexual assault cannot be ignored, as it will haunt the minds of many.

The physical abuse has been regarded as the lifetime suffering for Arya (Sajal) as Devki said so in one scene.

“Why living with the sexual abuse is considered as the lifelong punishment for the victims?”

It’s the assaulters who need to be punished for the lifetime and not the victims.

It’s perspicuous that sexual attack is one bad wound that leaves its scars for the lifetime.

But since, the law fails usually and criminals roam openly; consequently, the abuses get increased and we have left only with the one best option.

Obviously not bounding our girls to the home but let them to live freely and teach them to fight it and live with it.

Not to take it as any punishment and lifetime sorrow. Teach them to take it just as an ‘unfortunate accident’ like any other.

Changing our attitude towards the lives of the victims of the sexual abuse needs to be done sooner.

The dialogue “Bula apni maa ko” from the movie depicted about the mother’s strength.

However, Sajal Ali playing Arya, Devki’s step-daughter acted brilliantly in all the stressed and cheery scenes.

Also, MOM showed an interesting mother-daughter relationship as Arya is not a biological daughter of Devki.

The mother struggles to win over the little girl and finally Arya calls her mom instead of ma’am. That’s where the movie ends with all its greatness.


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