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Here comes another Momina Mustehsan scandal for you guys. Previously she was accused of stealing the idea off a rapper’s music video for her latest music video called “Jee Liya”, and this time round, its her tweets related to women empowerment bringing her down.

Momina Mustehsan never called herself a feminist, however, believes in gender equality. She often talks about Women Empowerment, but it looks like there have been times when Momina herself has shown hypocrisy by talking against some acts of certain celebrities, like Qandeel Baloch

Here’s what we found that Momina said about Qandeel Baloch and her acts:

Hey, remember the time Momina said ‘we tear eachother down instead of building eachother up?’

momina mustehsan
Momina talks about people of Pakistan

Ouch, double standards Momina!

Defending Mahira Khan:

Recently, a few pictures of Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor went viral from their trip to the U.S where both of them were caught smoking outside somewhere, and Mahira was wearing a short dress. Apparently, it lit up fires in Pakistan, where all the Islamic extremists and liberals started wars against whether or not Mahira’s acts were justified. Several celebrities took to Twitter and other social media where they mentioned their opinions on the pictures of Mahira Khan.
And just like most, Momina Mustehsan also sided with Mahira Khan, saying that people should leave her alone. ‘Why are we so quick to judge and attach? Esp if it’s a woman in question,’ she wrote.

Oh Momina…did you forget what you wrote about Qandeel Baloch? Tch, tch, tch. Here’s how Humaima Malick exposed Momina’s double standards:

We guess its true, we Pakistanis do tear people apart, we tear those apart who we don’t know personally, but try to defend those who we have relations with. What do you have to say about this?


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