Momina Mustehsan on Social Media

Objectification of women is very common in the world, and it is not exclusive to Pakistan. Momina Mustehsan, the Coke Studio singer who debuted this season by singing the evergreen hit of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Afreen Afreen, is the latest victim of this phenomenon.

While talking to BBC Urdu in a Live Facebook Chat, Momina expressed that her looks bar her real talent from adequate exposure. She never knew that whether her smile could be a big deal for her fame or attractive enough to grab attention from the massive audience.

Momina explained that she was aware of the fact that people will give preference to her looks rather than her singing talent, that’s why, she hid from coming in front of the camera and stayed away, even because she had already sung for “Awari” for Bollywood.

Such behaviour of people can be a challenge for Momina if she wants to show, her talent of singing and continue it in future too.

The case of Momina Mustehsan is proof that beauty often bars a person from freely showing his real talent to the public.

The charm of a real smile and good looks always finds its way to the modelling and acting, but Momina has no intention to venture in any of these fields.

It is very common for human beings to judge someone by their appearance and it is pathetic as it fails to provide the reflection of the inner completely. Such nature of people simply prevents the real talents and abilities of a person to shine with all their strength. In all the cases, it is not talent that becomes the victim but the personal life of the target also meets exploitation.

Social media fame of Momina Mustehsan makes it evident that these were her looks that made her a celebrity and not her singing that amassed huge fan following for her.


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