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Momina Mustehsan, yes, the girl who practically stole the heart of every Desi man through her looks and wonderful singing skills, as she left everyone in awe through her song “Afreen Afreen”,┬áis now back with another music video with Cornetto Pop Rock 2.

Cornetto Pop Rock is basically helping the revival of pop and rock music culture in Pakistan, and is open to everyone for auditions. Along with that, different concerts are held around the country for music fans to enjoy themselves as well. Season 2 has finally been launched, and Momina Mustehsan has dropped her song along with the music video, “Jee Liya”. You can view the song here:

She mentions that she wishes to inspire people through her music. Jee Liya is a song for anyone who has ever fallen down, and lost hope but gathered up and moved on bravely.

The song is sweet sounding, but a problem’s recently caught our attention. What is it you ask?

Well. Here’s a music video that was released by the Lahori Underdogs back in May:

The Lahori Underdogs basically want to uplift the rap culture in Lahore. They believe that it is their time to rise now as rappers, hence, they work day and night to put together thoughts and creative music videos to rise like the underdogs and represent Lahore.

Raamis Ali, Aqeel Safraz and others from Gawky Records are a part of Lahori Underdogs.

Momina Mustehsan’s Video Direction has ripped off the Lahori Underdogs:

You’ve probably watched both the videos atleast twice now, but if you still don’t find the problem, we’ll make it easier for you:

Raamis Ali speaks about the copying of the idea from “Lahori Underdogs” in the music video of “Jee Liya”. Coincidence?

We think not.

The director of “Jee Liya” takes notice:

It seems like the Director of “Jee Liya” commented on this post as well, however, people have started to write against him in the comments.

Speaking to Raamis regarding this issue, he mentions that it takes striving artists like them a lot of time, effort and hard work to come up with something. However, copying ideas and incorporating them into the work of a famous artist is easy and very common. People fail to speak against it, but the Lahori Underdogs won’t stand it.



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