Money over humanity, was Rs. 25 too much to ask for?


If a 15-year-old poor boy asks you for a little change because he cleaned up your staircase, would you pay him, or would you shoot him forgetting humanity?

That is exactly what happened. On 14th of May 2017, it was reported that a 15-year-old Afghan boy was shot dead by a flat owner because he requested Rs. 25 to be paid to him. He along with his brother and other friends had the habit of picking up garbage and cleaning up outside the flats of Karachi’s Karimabad area. The children then requested money as a low-wage of the chore that they just performed.

A similar situation happened when Noor Agha, the deceased, cleaned up the staircase of Ayaz Malik, the apartment owner on Sunday, 13th May. He later requested only Rs. 25, and Mr. Ayaz Malik went inside his apartment and allegedly shot the boy dead after which he fled from the crime scene. Naimat, Noor Agha’s colleague was there with him. Earlier, a video of mill owner torturing his employees¬†went viral as well.

As reported, the police have arrested the suspect on 16th May, while he was fleeing the country to the US. He was reportedly carrying huge Pakistani and foreign currency when the police caught him right before his flight.

The question that arises now is, for how long are people going to allow money to be weighed higher than humanity? It’s high time¬†that the government takes some action against such people, or at least provides free education to the poor where they can at least make something better for their future.


Only one question is left now at the back of our minds. Was Rs. 25 worth more than a child’s life, that Ayaz Malik shot him, rather than paying him?


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