Indians ignorant people on Earth

In 2016, India is ranked right at the very top of Ipsos Perils of Perception Survey, which “highlights how wrong the public across 40 countries are about critical global issues and features of the population in their country.”

The world’s largest democracy has another feather in its cap.

According to the survey, Indians are the most ignorant people on the planet.

To assess the state of the world’s great uninformed masses, Ipsos MORI, a British market research firm, conducted 27,250 interviews between September and November this year.

The survey also showed us that how Indians are in fear regarding Muslims and how they overestimate the population of the Muslims has in the world.

 If ignorance is bliss, India is paradise.


Here we are not commenting and not cheering the fact that Indians are ignorant, or the Indian nation has much ignorance than the world think they have.

The Indian media is on the payroll of state and just the institution which is guarding the interests of Modi and his team. Also now and then the Indian media just blames and targets Pakistan, Pakistanis.

The current examples were when they blamed our blog Outlook Pakistan for creating and maneuvering the fake story of suicide attempted by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. It was nothing but a blame game aimed towards us, and the big names of Indian media were part of that.

One more recent example of Indian media’s ignorance was when the Indian TV channel planned and executed a story based on lies and lies about Fawad Khan black money scandal.

India’s fraud surgical strike verdict, blindly followed by their media had caused much mockery in the world.


The matter of fact is that Indian PM Narendra Modi has no agenda whatsoever to focus on the ignorance and poverty in India. What matters to him is to score votes by posting anti agenda statements and practically initiating bombardment at LOC and turning the life of Kashmiris into hell.

Christians protesting in India
Christians protesting in India

It’s the state of India which is promoting division of India; they are focusing on torturing Kashmiris and Sikhs creating vibes like Khalistan and Naxalites issue.

The Indian nation has to think about that; it’s the 21st century. Will Indians be still the puppets in the hands of RSS, SHIV SENA, and BJP or will the come forward and reconcile with Pakistan to promote peace and harmony in Southeast Asia?


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