Too much Garmi? Beat the heat with these top ten chilled summer drinks


In the intensity of weather of summer, when hot spells take all your energy; then the extremely chilled summer drinks are not less than any treat.

1. Lassi

Summer drinks

This summer cooler is most common in Asian countries and a mixture of chilled water and fresh curd. It could be made salty or sugary and is served with the main course usually to kill the heat.

2. Gannay ka juice

Summer drinks

The Desi beverage is always available at stalls in streets and bazars in the summer season. An icy glass of sugarcane juice can fresh your mind instantly.

3. Limo Pani

Summer drinks

The quick to make limo Pani is made by mixing water with sugar, salt and few drops of lemon. It is best to serve when chilled and helps to prevent body dehydration.

4. Sherbats

Summer drinks

Sherbats are the totally desi liquid refreshments and are of different types. You can have faalsay ka sherbat, Rooh Afza, Jaam-e-Shireen, illaichi ka sherbat and much more to lessen the intensity of hot weather.

5. Doodh Soda 

Summer drinks

This drink is not just heat killer but also healthy to have. Just have a glass of milk and get your Sprite or 7up cold drink mixed with it. Your healthy and refreshing doodh soda is ready to fight the hot spell.

6. Squashes

Summer drinks

Squashes are the most luscious refreshments of different flavors of fruits but lemon squash is best to have in summers.

7. Watermelon juice

Summer drinks

Watermelon itself is a rich watery and healthy fruit and its juice prevent the body from drying out; it is one of the best summer drinks.

8. Soda Water

Summer drinks

The Desi version of fresh lime is available in Pakistan in every season and it’s the cheapest and chillest drink ever to have.

9. Smoothies

Summer drinks

Though thick refreshment but frosty made from blended fruits can add delight to your salver in summers.

10. Badaam Doodh

Summer drinks

Last but not the least, badam doodh is the most healthy drink made from condensed milk, cardamom seeds and almonds served, when chilled can liven you up.


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