Offshore AccopuEx. President of Pakistan and Army Chief, General Pervaiz Musharraf has admitted, he owns money worth of Rs.1bn in foreign accounts, without paying any tax.

According an interview to a channel, Musharraf has total of eight foreign accounts comprising all his separate and joint accounts with his wife Sehba Musharraf. The EX. President of Pakistan also admitted that late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia helped him financailly to settle in UK after he left Pakistan. He also mentioned of the help he receivd from other Arab leaders besides this.

Musharraf didnt disclose his money in foreign accounts and gift of Kind Abdullah while sharing the details of Income Tax returns before the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Following are the details of Musharaf’s bank account during the years 2011-2012.

He held an online trading account worth US$ 1600,000 in a Dubai based MMA in 2011 to make profit from his investments. In Union National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Musharraf and Sehba held a joint account which had amount of UAE Dirhams 17,000,000. Another joint account of the Musharraf with his wife contained US$535,335 this equals the 148 million Rs. In another account the same Bank Ms, Sehba held a separate account worth of uae dIRHAMS, 7600,000 which equals 170 million Rs.  In the same account the couple had another joint account worth of US$ 800,000. In their sixth account the both had a joint account of the amount  UAE Dirhams 8,000,000 which equals the 184 million Rs. In the seventh account in the same bank they had UAE Dirhams 8,000,000 (184 million Rs)while in the eights account in the same bank they held US$ 1,300,000 that equals 118 million.


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