Muslim girl in hijab participates in US beauty pageant; What happens to her


First-ever Muslim girl in hijab participates in a US beauty pageant and gets a fantastic response. An extraordinary response of audience and acceptance of diversity on a modelling ramp in the form of appreciating a girl in burkini proves that America has not become a complete racist yet.

Halima Aden, an American Muslim from Somalia, became the first ever girl in burkini to participate in a US beauty pageant, in Minnesota state where a significant Somalian population lived.

Halima not only received a full acceptance on behalf of contest management due to her unique customised Islamic attire but also made it to the top 15 of the competition. While competing for the swimming part of the pageant, 17 years old, Haleema wore burkini that is banned in France. In this regard. Representation in a modelling contest by being in burkini that too by the Muslim girl in Hijab is indeed a tremendous achievement.

The girl is also of the opinion that her looks in her choice of attire also gave her an identity and confidence to represent herself in her religious attire. Halima also expressed that being covered in Hijab is also a way to allow people to judge you as a personality and don’t as apparel, looks or body features.

The reaction of the audience towards a model in burkini would surely wake up the conscious of Islamophobic European nations and make them admit that covering head or face has nothing to do with terrorism and walking on a ramp while wrapping up hair is equally cool.


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