Muslim women presenting flowers at Forest Hill

The Muslim women presenting flowers to the by-passers at the Forest Hill Railway Station are teaching how to answer the hatred with love and kindness.

On Monday, a man had stabbed a Muslim and injured him at Forest Hill Station in London, United Kingdom, raising the slogan ” I want to Kill Muslims.”

To respond to this hatred and brutality, a group of loving Muslim women started flowers campaign and presented roses to the by passers. People gave them a warm welcome and also acknowledged their gesture of promoting peace and harmony.

The campaign started by the Dialogue Society and Mevlana Rumi Mosque in Edmonton.

The commuters not only gathered to receive flowers and talk to the ladies but also shared their feelings on social media while appreciating the brilliant act of volunteers to counter hate.

No doubt that such acts of kindness and love to counter the hatred would help sooth the atmosphere of love and peace, they would ensure that Muslims are not the terrorists and they believe in the philosophy of tolerance and forgiveness.
Muslims living in Western countries are already facing many incidents due to prevalent Islamophobia and becoming the victim of hate crimes. Such gestures by the community in return of discrimination and bigotry would surely release the tensions and communicate a message of peace that is necessary for the promotion of heterogeneous society.


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