Naeem Bukhari funny answer

During the hearing of Panamagate case in supreme court today, humorous answers by PTI counsel Naeem Bukhari produced waves of laughter in the courtroom.

On occasion, Justice Azmat Saeed asked Naeem Bukhari, why you used the word prince for Qatari friend of Sharif Family while referring to the letter? Naeem Bukhari replied as ” Once I also used to be a prince Naeem Bukhari, during my interview session for ISSB when an interviewer asked me you are the prince of which kingdom, then I just replied I am the prince of beauty and handsomeness”. His answer just made every attendant in the court to laugh out loud.

PMLN’s leader Talal Chohdry couldn’t miss the chance to remark on very nature of PTI’s new lawyer Naeem Bukhari and criticised him by labelling him as an anchor. He mentioned that Imran Khan had hired an actor to present their case in the court. Talal Chohdry had also mocked the Asad Kharral’s book Raiwind Sazish that PTI’s lawyer submitted in the last hearing. He termed the book to be of such insignificance that was used by vendors for wrapping “Pakoras” (popular spicy snacks of sub-continent).

All these criticising comments could not keep off PTI’s lawyer from cracking jokes before media after the trial was over. When he was asked to comment on proceedings of Panamagate case, he just replied:

“Ask me to comment on Katrina Kaif I would do but don’t ask me about the case”.

PTIs’ lawyer didn’t limit him to his humorous and funny nature and wisely presented the case in court revealing about new offshore businesses of PMLN’s son Hussain Nawaz.

SC also commented that PMLN had not submitted any money trail before the court and also raised the question on the letter from Qatar’s Prince by asking PMLN lawyer why the prince didn’t directly deliver this.



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