Najam Sethi manhandled by anti Nawaz group at Oval ground

Najam Sethi manhandled at oval ground

The Chairman PCB, Najam Sethi, and his wife were manhandled by the anti Nawaz group after the match at the Oval ground and had to call security for protection.

Post-Pakistan’s victory against India people was seen showing their gratitude and excitement towards the win in many ways. Najam Sethi, Chairman PCB, on the other hand, had a very unique interaction with the people. As soon as Najam Sethi left the ground, he was surrounded by hundreds of gushing fans who were overjoyed by the win yet determined to Chant ” Go Nawaz Go.” This created a very awkward situation for Najam Sethi and his wife as he is known to be pro-Nawaz League.

This Chanting went on for a while after that Najam Sethi and wife had to go under security protection to avoid any life endangering situation amidst anti Nawaz clan.

It should be noted that the new boys who played brilliantly and won the Champions Trophy for us came out of PSL held by Najam Sethi. PSL itself turned out to be a great success for Pakistani cricket and brought International cricket home.

Whatever may be the political differences, anti Nawaz group should not have behaved with Najam Sethi in the way they did, after Pakistan’s success against India and his contribution to the team. Bringing political difference into all social aspects might not be the best way to handle things.

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