A recent satellite image released by NASA has revealed that source of Lahore Smog is Indian Punjab, where residuals of the rice fields are burnt in millions of tonnes, as other ways to get rid of them are unaffordable.

This revelation has given birth to serious political issues in Pakistan along with spreading health hazards.

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The government of Pakistan is in a serious jeopardy as it has failed to look for the potential importers responsible for bringing this devastating material into Pakistani territory. Had the government succeeded in finding any such, it would have become a lot easier for It to ban these importers and save its citizens from health hazards.

After observing such massive clouds of smog hovering over Pakistani Punjab, all the pigeons from ISI have decided to launch a protest to pressurise the government to make efforts for the redemption of their fellow. A batchmate of the pigeon who had to face the incarceration during his mission to the India, demanded from the government to take the smoke into custody and return only when RAW agrees to send the imprisoned pigeon back to Pakistan.

Ruthless migration of smog from Indian Punjab to Western Punjab has also provided a reason to celebrate the liberals on both sides who always wanted to share this smog( as it belongs to all the nations, not only two) without any obstacles of a political border.

Last day,  I met a pacifist poet who was swaying in euphoria, upon inquiring the reason behind his joy he revealed that apart from birds I have found another metaphor for expressing freedom from the imprisonment of borders. Yes, the one that travels from Jalandhar to Toba Tek Singh without any fear of being caught.

An NGO that says itself custodian of monitoring the CSR (corporate social responsibility) by the businesses and corporations around the globe has given very fruitful recommendations to Pakistan government on handling the matter of Lahore smog. According to these useful pieces of advice, Pakistan is in the strong position to ask India for sharing the revenue from rice crop, at least in an amount equal to the devastation caused by smog.

Well, this is not as easy, as India is more likely to remain succumbed to its demand of taking punitive actions against its perceived terrorists like handing over of Hafiz Saeed.

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