Nauman Ijaz as Imran Khan

Teaser from upcoming Pakistani drama Khan has left the audience in sheer suspense and curiosity. The scene features the veteran actor Nauman Ijaz in a lead role of Khan. The actor seems to be an unexpected choice for such character.

Nauman Ijaz comes out to be a fearless man who doesn’t care about anyone but for the common man. The way he talks about running a movement and working for it in the real sense, rather than only chanting about, seems to be quite a style of Imran Khan, the ex-captain of Pakistan cricket team and chairman PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaaf).

Still, it would be presumption to say that Imran Khan is the real Khan in this drama, the authoritarian style that Nauman Ejaz is using can be a trademark of Imran Khan in cricket, but in politics, he is relatively lenient and often relies on the experienced leadership of the country.

Still, the possibility that Imran Khan is an inspiration for the drama can’t be ruled out as he is the only Khan who made such name in politics and amassed popularity from the youth.

In case the show features the Chairman PTI, then it wouldn’t be a first one of its nature, as earlier a movie named Kaptaan: The Making of a Legend was also made on the life of Imran Khan that featured his rise as a hero in cricket and then politics.


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