Nawaz and Saigol have made PIA the deadliest airline; 704 killings so far


The nation is mourning the demise of the precious lives on board PIA flight PK-661 which crashed near Havelian on its scheduled flight from Chitral to Islamabad. Here we present you the deadliest and dangerous airline stats; PIA is turned into a failed hazardous Airline by the government.

A comparative study of aviation safety revealed that PIA has consistently underperformed on air safety, and it is one of the world’s most disaster-prone airlines.

The national aircraft carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has long been plagued with operational issues. Its flights were banned by the European Union in 2007 because of concerns over safety. These centred on an ageing fleet.

PIA has killed 704 passengers and crew members so far.

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The Internet is full of the reports and reviews of the violations committed by the pilots and PIA. Pilots don’t take mandatory rest before another flight. Also, they are compromising the flight safety standards by exceeding the proper flying limits in violation of the flight duty time limitations (FDTL).

Plane safety is not the only issue – the physical ability of pilots has also been a cause for concern.

It is pertinent to mention that according to National Aviation Policy of Civil Aviation Authority Pakistan 2015, around 58.1 million jobs are supported by aviation sector around the world and the global economic impact of aviation is 2.4 trillion dollars. It is estimated that around 500,000 people travel by air at any given moment. These statements prove the importance of this sector in the 21st century, but it is unfortunate that this professional sector remains neglected in Pakistan and taking the lives of citizens.

There is much politics between PIA, CAA and PALPA, eventually causing loss of lives and tax money.

The another important distinction to acknowledge is that airlines’ safety should not be based on a comparison of fatalities or fatal incidents. This is because even for the worst performing airlines, fortunately, fatal incidents are not an every-day occurrence. It’s routine for a PIA plane to be not technically fit, many times we have experienced technical faults, flight delays, aircraft just running on runway unable to take off and the landing gear issues.

The near misses are a better indicator of the airlines’ safety culture.

Let me explain this with an example: You might know of a friend who is a high-risk driver. He speeds do not observe traffic regulations and takes chances during driving. That individual will have several near misses.However, the number of times a person could expire in a traffic accident, irrespective of how careful or irresponsible one is in driving, remains 1. For this reason, it is better to compare near misses, because near misses identify a behavioural trait rather than an outcome.

However, the number of times a person could expire in a traffic accident, irrespective of how careful or irresponsible one is in driving, remains 1. For this reason, it is better to compare near misses, because near misses identify a behavioural trait rather than an outcome.

Mr Silver (Data Scientist) compared, near misses for each airline over the two periods, 1985-1999 and 2000-2014. And guess which airline stood out to be consistently high risk prone over the two periods: Pakistan International Airlines.

The PIA plane crash on Wednesday has shone the spotlight on a judgement of the Peshawar High Court and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to make the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Safety and Investigation Board (SIB) an independent and autonomous body.

The SIB, which investigates air accidents, is nothing but a handcuffed department.

Government always give the key positions of PIA to the non-functional and corrupt persons. PIA is looted much by the corrupt politicians.

PMLN and PM Nawaz have the same approach of distributing departments and institutions in relatives and friends like candies.

PIA Chairman Azam Saigol has categorically denied any technical or human error. So basically he has the view that plane turned into a fireball on its own. It’s quite reasonable this aircraft flies and crashes into mountains, without any glitch. We just have one word for him, Shame!!

He said that ATR aircraft are very sound. We are not questioning here the brands, but we are sure of that these ATRs are not fit for the weather we have in Pakistan and also the there was much corruption regarding the purchasing and then maintenance work of these ATRs.

PM Nawaz thinks that two statements, the first one with the condolences, and the second one with the direction to have probed into the matter are enough. NO Sir, that’s not sufficient. As the head of the administration, you should be playing your role or just dispose of.

The government, especially the regulators at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), has been negligently silent over the dismal safety records of Pakistan-based airlines. It is time for a serious introspection on the state of airline safety in Pakistan.

In fact, one wonders why this matter is not yet an utmost priority for regulators, especially when this lax attitude towards air security is not just restricted to the national airliner, but also permeates Pakistan’s private carriers, the only other alternatives to flying for Pakistanis.


  1. Thank you for this information, analysis and insight. I also didnt realise that the current chairman of pia M. Azam Saigol, is an Industrialist and ceo of various mills in his families business empire (saigol group) . A man who has a conflict of interest was appointed Chairman of the national carrier. This is a great disservice to the company and nation, he can never dedicate the time and effort the carrier deserves. On top of this, his dismissal of any human or technical error, straight after the crash, really undermines any inquiry that is to be conducted. There should be a push for this man to step down or be removed. His conclusions before the inquiry clearly show his incompetence and unfitness to be chairman of the national carrier. It also shows his insensitivity and lack of empathy for the victims and their familes. Their families and the nation want answers and deserve not just an inquiry, but as you suggested, a complete over hall of the system, and safety procedures/implementations.


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