Nawaz Sharif disqualified: Social media squad unites with the funniest remarks!


Today will be marked as probably the most historic day in the history of Pakistan, as Imran Khan was able to succeed in a cause he had been striving towards ever since the elections of 2013. He tried to expose the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, and today Supreme Court has banned him from politics or re-elections for his entire life time.

As always, the youth has always been with Imran Khan, and now as Nawaz Sharif disqualified, they are celebrating with hilarious comments!

Comedians like Zaid Ali haven’t held back from taking time out to celebrate this historic moment too:

If Thirteen reasons why was based on Nawaz Sharif being disqualified!

Apparently, Nawaz Sharif is never able to complete his tenure whenever in the government! And now he’s been banned from it permanently.


Some replies to a tweet of Maryam Nawaz from November 2016 are hilarious too, considering the fact that people are after here a whole year later!:

While some people are laughing all of this off, others are actually pretty serious about this issue!

Nawaz sharif disqualified looks like the beginning of a new era, but keep yourselves safe! There’s gonna be a lot of hungamay and tamashay on the roads in major cities for the next few days. Lets wait and see where this decision of the supreme court of the Panama case leads us now!


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