Sharif’s aides running amuck amid SC calling PM Nawaz The Godfather


The legendary cast of Ford Coppola’s marvel, The Godfather, celebrated its 45th anniversary, a couple of days back. At the Tribeca Film Festival, the likes of Al Pacino and De Niro gathered to commemorate one of the finest movies ever made. Lately, Pakistanis have also remembered the movie but for totally different reasons. Recently, senior judges of the Supreme Court have called Nawaz The Godfather and those supporting the N-League don’t seemed to be too impressed by this act of satire.

The analogy comes amidst the Panama Case fiasco which Pakistanis have been enjoying a lot. Even the Panama Case verdict, came out almost a couple of weeks back, also included the script of ‘The Godfather’ in its preamble. Today’s remarks, however, have surfaced a new debate among the masses.

This is a huge call at the judiciary’s end as it would hit a further blow to the already reducing popularity of the PM. Those sharing soft corners for PML-N have questioned these remarks whereas neutrals and anti-PLMN factions enjoyed the news.

Nawaz Sharif Godfather

There is a good deal of Pakistanis, including the writer, who make the fandom party of this early 70’s epic. Some of them shared their concerns over the comparison, considering the fact that it would affect the way they used to see this epic tale of mafia and gang war.

Nawaz Sharif Godfather

Then, there were some who wanted to help fellow Pakistani, oblivion to the movie, understand its plot in Urdu.

Nawaz Sharif the Godfather

On the whole, Panama Case has been one interesting ride in the political circles of Pakistan. Is SC right calling Nawaz The Godfather? Our readers are encouraged to share their views. Also tell, if Nawaz Sharif is Vito Corleone then who do you think is Michael Corleone, the ultimate heir of ‘The Godfather’? Is it Shahbaz Sharif, Marium Nawaz, or one of his London based sons?


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