PM Nawaz Sharif

On Tuesday, Lahore High Court ordered the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s counsel to take come up with PM’s reply on the matter of using the title of Sir that was given to him by the Britain Queen.

A petition was filed in LHC against the acceptance of title by the PM. Barrister Javed Iqbal Jaffrey had filed this petition. He claimed that title of “Sir” was given by the Britain Queen to Nawaz Sharif in 1997 on the occasion of Pakistan’s golden jubilee. Then Indian Prime Minister whom the queen had also given the same title had refused to accept it while Nawaz Sharif received this without the approval of parliament. Further, no official notification in Gazette was issued that could have confirmed the title.

Counsel for petitioner asked the court to stop PM for using this title. While Standing Counsel Nadeem Anjum requested the court for time to submit reply on behalf of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Justice Mamoon Rashid Sheikh ordered the government’s counsel to convince Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for presenting the answer before the court issues any strict order. He adjourned the hearing till December 19 and asked the government’s counsel to appear next time along with PM’s reply on this matter.


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