Nawaz Sharif wanted a female “Friend”- a foreign journalist claims


Earlier today we came across a random clip in which an Unknown foreign female journalist claimed that Nawaz Sharif offered to be her ” friend”

A video got viral showing a female journalist being interviewed and talking about our current Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. After being asked about her experience of interviewing Nawaz Sharif she said that “It happened around the time of Benazir Bhutto’s death which was a tragic time for the country, but we sort of had a funny conversation”. She said that she was supposed to have 15-20 minutes talk with him but he kept telling her to ask more question ” After a point, I was just repeating myself” she added.

She said that as a journalist it is nice to talk to someone who is willing to answer your questions, being in the position of power, which he was as the head of the Opposition so she didn’t mind talking to him. She also went ahead and called Nawaz Sharif “funny” and that they started to joke around after that interview; “It came to the point where I could ask him to comment on my stories and help my correspondences by getting his comments on their stories as well,” she said.

This whole situation seemed pretty normal until she told the interviewer what happened next; she said once she was interviewing Nawaz Sharif alone, it felt weird as they have never been alone and it got a lot weirder when he asked her if she had a “friend”, ¬†she said ” He said me, do you have a friend Kim? and I said yeah I have a lot of friends!” she got confused and asked him if he was asking about a special friend like a boyfriend and turned out he wanted to know exactly that. “He said I want to help you find a friend” and asked her to tell him her criteria to which she replied, ” somebody tall, somebody smart and somebody funny”, “those are hard to find in Pakistan” came the reply from Nawaz Shareef’s side.

The journalist said that her¬†Pakistani friend joked and said that he was acting like her ‘Punjabi Uncle’ but she felt very awkward after this encounter which was followed by few more awkward luncheons. After that, she told the interviewer about the last time she met Nawaz Sharif which was regarding the Suicide Bombing attack happened in Mumbai, India; where he joked about getting her a phone so that they could talk without ISI listening to them, at least she thought it was a joke.

After this conversation, Nawaz Sharif asked her translator to leave the room and offered her an IPHONE which she denied. When nothing worked Nawaz Shareef used the cheesiest line which would even make a Bollywood hero feel shy, he said to her ” I know I am not as tall as you want, I am not as fit as you want; I am fat and I am old but I still like to be your friend”

She thought this was inappropriate and so did we. We found this news floating around, hence, we would appreciate if someone can send us any details regarding this news.


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