butlers chocolate cafe

As much as I love Butlers Chocolate Cafe, I can in all honesty say that over the past 3-4 months, it has dropped the quality it used to have. I choose to write about it today because I had an extremely bad experience at lunch, after which I believe I will no longer choose to go to Butlers to have food.
Butlers was that one place where once upon a time, I used to crave to go. The food had good quantity which was fairly priced, the staff was cooperative and the service was fast. However, now, the entire menu as well as the servings of dishes have changed. The ‘crusted stuffed chicken breast’ which was once stuffed with cheese and herbs, has gone from being a big juicy piece of chicken breast to a small dried up ball of chicken. The grilled chicken sandwich hardly had any chicken in it, it was literally empty. And we found hair in our Butlers special pasta.

butlers chocolate cafe

At first it took at least 10 minutes to get the attention of out waiter, then when he came to us we explained to him that we want our pasta changed. He then called another waiter, who called another waiter, who eventually called someone from the kitchen, and no one bothered to apologize for the mishap that had happened. The quantity of the food has reduced, we hardly had 10 fries on my plate with my Stuffed Chicken Breast and Sandwich.
This place has been sealed once or twice due to a dirty kitchen, and expired chocolates. But people still loved going there, I guess now people just might stop because I’m not the first person who’s unsatisfied with this new menu and food serving change that has been brought about. It feels as if whenever a restaurant in Lahore is at the peak of its service and quality, it eventually starts having a downfall because it no longer wishes to continue the excellence of service that it once used to provide.
Butlers Chocolate Cafe might still be one of my favourites for its desserts, no doubt the sweet there is excellent. But I’m afraid after today’s experience, going to Butlers for food is forever off my list.


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