negative people

You will face negative people in every phase of your life. By the time you’re in university or in professional life, you need to be able to identify them. Here are some signs that will help you understand when to throw a person out of your life:

They are not happy for you:

No matter what you do, they will criticize you for the sake of criticism, not for the sake of betterment.

They try to be the right one, always:

They love playing the blame game, and they love to be right. They will try to do anything to bring you down, and shatter your confidence. They hardly ever discuss things to make them right. They either don’t discuss things, or when they do, its more of an argument than a discussion!

They love to take from you:

Its true, they love to take from you. The feed on your confidence, making it theirs, they love to make you feel bad about yourselves, so they can be the better one in between. They will borrow your time and energy, but they will never return it.

They love to gossip and talk smack about others:

They’ll gossip about their bestfriend with you, they’ll talk about how ugly her boyfriend is, how bad her dress sense is, etc. If they can gossip about others and involve you in their pointless chitchat, remember, they gossip about you behind your back as well.

Their life is full of drama:

Their life is full of pointless drama and lies, and most likely they’ll drag you into it with them, only to distract you from important things in your life.

They belittle you for everything you do:

How hard is it saying Oh, you made a nice effort!” ?

Not that hard right? Well, negative people would rather say “I could do so much better than this” only to make you feel bad about yourself and so that they can keep you under their control.

Why you should stay away from them:

Remember that you are one of a kind, unique in your own way, and you should love yourself for that. You don’t need people in your life who are being a constant hindrance towards you trying to develop yourself into a better person.

Don’t take no shit from someone who tries to put you off from studying or working because you’re not talking to them enough, don’t listen anyone who criticizes your work, and kick anyone out straight from your life if they make you feel bad about yourself.

Remember, people will only respect you as much as you respect yourself. The more confident you are about loving yourself, the more will other people love you as well.

You will always be surrounded by negative people, because they tend to be jealous of anyone who’s excelling in life and is happier than you are. You will have to learn when to walk away, and never look back.

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet” – Gandhi

Surround yourselves with those who help you grow, they praise your work, and they support you in every stage of your life. They are the true ones, and the ones you need to hold onto.



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