Nepali couple weds in jail

Opposites attract while likes repel each other; A Nepali couple has proved this notion wrong while marrying in jail.

In Kalikot district of the Western Nepal a 33 years old man and a 30 years old woman who were imprisoned for assassinating their ex-spouses have tied a knot because their thoughts and ideas were quite similar to each other; something that reflected well in their same actions.

Although they are husband-wife by contract, they would be able to live together after 14 years when the man would complete his punishment span over 20 years for killing his wife. He has already passed his six years in the jail. Still, they would be allowed to talk each other twice a month.

The newlywed bride who was a self-made widow for killing her husband was facing an imprisonment for five years. Her new mother in law was also her companion as she supported her son’s plans to murder her previous daughter in law.

The new bride is of the opinion that she killed her husband and the groom killed his ex-wife, that’s why her mother in law decided for them to marry each other.

The wedding took place in the presence of the policemen and inmates who served as hosts as well as guests.

It is a good thing that couple is still willing to start another marital life despite bitter experiences of past; we just wish that these like minded people don’t victimize each other after they witness new disputed emerging.

Earlier, an Indian couple had made headlines for their unique post-marriage trip around the globe, but they were lucky enough to roam freely around the globe as they had no prison cell to bar them.


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