Netflix Pakistani Dramas

Finally Making it to Netflix, Pakistani Dramas have proved that they have something special to offer for viewers from all the social classes. Yes, such conclusion is likely to arrive because media portals like Netflix are mostly used by the audience that is habitual of seeing only general content, mainly from Hollywood.

Humsafar, Sadqey Tumharey, and Zindagi Gulzar Hai; three dramas by Humsafar are the first picks of Netflix.

Momina Duraid, the director of these shows, wrote on Facebook, Netflix California Portal picks portal picks and launches its first ever Pakistani drama serials Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzaar hay and Sadqay Tumharay, Big milestone for Pakistan digital industry. Congratulations Team Humsafar, Team Zindagi Gulzar Hay and Team Sadqay Tumharay.

Pakistani Dramas have their uniqueness in term of the story plot, acting and somehow depiction of reality along with the provision of entertainment. Still, they have a tag of catering to the need of only a particular social class.

The fact is evident as Pakistani audience that is addicted to seasons like Game of Thrones etc. doesn’t feel much fascination for dramas made in their home country.

There is no doubt that certain platforms act as a certification institute, if not genuinely then surely for few observers. Same is the case with California-based Netflix that started in 2007 as mail- order DVD service. The international entertainment hub later began offering old TV shows, music videos, and films to the audience by charging subscriber’s a monthly fee. The company has the 70 million monthly subscribers all over the world making it one of the largest online entertainment channel, which initially didn’t create any content of its own, rather relied on recycling the old one.

It has hardly been a year since the launch of Netflix Pakistan. After making it to this online entertainment hub, our dramas would surely access the international audience while enhancing their viewership and also popularity.


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