Hollywood movie Arrival

Here comes to you the perfect amalgam of Science fiction and human emotions in the form of new Hollywood movie, Arrival. The 12 space crafts of aliens hovering over the world may elude the audience that film features a stereotypical story of human beings fighting the invasion of creatures from some other planet.

The film features the “Story of Your Life” by science-fiction writer Ted Chiang who is master of picking a common idea to give it a new twist by relating to real thinkings and emotions of human beings that they suffer in actual life.

Amy Adams has played the lead role of a professor who is a linguistics expert and professor and acts as a link between US security agencies and aliens.  Many reviewers have remarked that they are not going to experience something new as the role of an independent translator has already been featured in many science fiction movies.

The real treat for the audience in arrival is the emotional experiences of human beings depicted in character of  Amy Adams. Reviewers also explained that science fiction does not dominate the story which makes it devoid of any thrill. The way Amy Adams has shown her emotions, fear and burden of responsibility to deal with aliens, a potential security threat to humanity, has amassed appreciation from critics.

Apart from this the impressive cinematography evident from the trailer is a big plus that makes a movie a perfect product of cinema, viewers would love to feast on this weekend.


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