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Allahyar and the Legend of the Markhor is a Pakistani Animated Movie, and its teaser is out now! Before anything, how about you take a look at it:

There isn’t much that we can make out of this teaser. It starts with a boy along with his animal friends, and we think this boy is named Allahyar. It looks like a movie which children and adults alike will enjoy. The release date has yet not been finalized, but we hope we see this movie on the big screens soon enough!

The movie is a production of 3rd World Studios, headed by Uzair Zaheer Khan. He really looks forward to this movie making an impact on the audience, as he mentions:

“The story intends to highlight the, often neglected, aspects of Mother nature and the role of humans in conserving nature.”

The trailer, its sounds, and even graphics make the movie look promising. Our thoughts? We think it might be related to the conservation of wildlife, and the movie will help create awareness among the youth.

Pakistani cinema has progressed in the past few years, and we hope it will grow positively in the upcoming years. We have our fingers crossed for this Pakistani Animated movie, and can’t wait to see a proper trailer out!



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