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No doubt Brazil has always occupied in the heart of football fans, here is the news for the lovers of Brazile football athletes. The team has just managed to cross the Germany and makes it position as the second best football team in the world. It has to move only one step ahead to beat Argentina and regain its status as the king of world football.

Pushing the world cup holders Germany down is indeed a big success, the team has surprisingly won its six world cup qualifiers and defeated top-ranked team Argentina with 3-0. The latest ranking would be issued officially on December, 22.

Till now here are the top 10 teams in football world

  1. Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Germany
  4. Chile
  5. Belgium
  6. Colombia
  7. France
  8. Portugal
  9. Uruguay
  10. Spain

Stil Iran remains the top football team by FIFA from Asia ranked¬†overall on number 30th. The Euro’s surprisingly outstanding performer stands on number 21. The astonishing improvement is shown by the Ireland who hiked up ten places up while making its way into top 25 football teams in the world. New ranking would also allow seeing more thrilling competition with new entrants in top 25 positions.

Reduction in gap obetween Argenmtina and Brazile for top positions is also a herald of more thrilling competition between two traditional rivals in the days to come.


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