Liquor and dance parties

Lahore is witnessing preparations for New Year’s Eve. And yes this time too, the commercial and private parties will have all that which is prohibited or illegal in Pakistan.

Social media and internet are full of invites and banners marketing the parties which eventually incites what the Islamic Republic of Pakistan cannot bear. And yes this all is being done under the umbrella of provincial administration.

Politicians will dance in private parties after consuming alcohol, and the common man is dancing in the streets and even don’t have pure water to drink.

According to reports, the elite of Lahore has booked almost 150 hotels and farm houses to organize the dance and drinking parties in different parts of Lahore. Expenditures on this will cost approximately 1 Billion.

These parties have everything; you can imagine, from liquor to narcotics. And yes every type of narcotics. Drugs are now even supplied in campuses like recently alumni of Quaid-e-Azam University reported. So the students can enjoy this rubbish too in the parties being secured by the government.

We are not internet clerks (mullahs) and never wanted to assume that position. Our only verdict is that if you think that drinking alcohol is someone’s personal matter, then you should legalize it.

Violating the law is a crime and demands actions from the administration not support.

We want to see, that what stand police takes on the night. Will they just arrest the weak or this time they will raid and arrests some big names from so called elite too? This is the direct question from IG Punjab and DIG Operations.

And lastly, Pakistan is heading into 2017. What we have achieved in 2016, so that we should party? This New Year Eve demands us to think that what we are doing and what should we do? Do we have such money to spend on this lavishness? We are the nation fighting unemployment, energy crisis, terrorism, illiteracy but we want to do party.

Zaeem Qadri Dancing in the Party
This picture of Zaeem Qadri is circulating on the internet, we are not sure about the authenticity of originality here but this thing is only answerable by himself.

These politicians who are always so eager to get involved in this fishy business, get their tummy full of liquor and then a hangover have to ponder seriously. You are the ones who are in parliament and are in the position to change or make a law. If you want to enjoy this stuff on New year eve or every night, please amend the law otherwise violation demands a serious punishment, and you are no exception here.


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