New Year’s treat; Abida Parveen’s video song is all you need to listen


There would be hardly any person in Pakistan who wouldn’t have a taste for Abida Parveen’s heart warming voice. The Sufi singer has just brought another gift for Pakistanis in her unique voice.

Abida Parveen’s new video song Mulk-e-Khuda is something that can claim the status of Pakistan’s second national anthem not only because the Persian language dominates the lyrics but also because the video features what our country is.

The stunning scenes from Pakistan’s landscape, cultures, traditions and different cities are what make a complete song package. So, here comes a real amalgam o Sufi voice with patriotism, love, music and yes beauty.

The video that has been released by the music website seems to be a collaboration of teamwork. Amanat Ali has produced this music video while Bilal and Athar have directed this video.

Entire five minutes of video is indeed a complete entertainment package as patriotism soaked in the spirit of love has been poured by the singer-cum-saint Abida Parveen ho rules on the hearts not only in Pakistan and India but also for the people belonging to anywhere in the world.

So make the first day of your new year, entertaining, and ecstatic with the melodious voice and beautiful scenes o the beloved country.

Pakistani singers are making a strong comeback by making music videos of their songs; we just hope that 2017 would also be a revival of music industry along with the film industry.


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