US Election 2016

A country where almost 51 percent of the population is female and with the presence of world’s best universities like Harvard, Yale and Stanford, why there has never been a woman occupant in the Oval Office?

Why has the world’s greatest country, having the world’s oldest democracy, never had a women holding the coveted position? Whereas various other countries like England, Germany, France, Ireland, Turkey, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Israel had already embraced women leaders as Prime Ministers or Presidents. In India, Indira Gandhi and Prathiba Patil served the premiership and president office respectively. In Pakistan, we had Benazir Bhutto as prime minister for two terms.

The fact that females were not allowed to vote in every state until 1920, when there had already been nearly 30 presidents. It is very difficult to win an election when one particular gender is not enfranchised to vote. Since then, it has been a long way for women to reach the hallowed White House.

The first woman who stood for Presidential elections was Victoria Woodhull in 1872 from Equal Rights Party, followed by Belva Ann Lockwood in 1884 from National Equal Rights Party and much more afterwards. But no single woman has been able to make it to the White House.

The press portrays female candidates as unviable, unnatural, and incompetent, and often ignores or belittles women instead of reporting their ideas and intent. This thorough comparison of men’s and women’s campaigns reveals a worrisome trend of sexism in press coverage, a trend that persists today.

The problem is not Donald Trump; the problem is American mentality.

Women today hold only 18.5 percent of congressional seats, and they comprise 20 percent of the U.S. senators. They hold only 24.2 percent of state legislature seats. Only 10 percent of the governors are females and only 12 percent of the mayors of the hundred largest American cities are female.

It is hard to believe that the United States ranks 75th in the world regarding women in national legislatures behind countries such as Rwanda, Cuba, Sweden and South Africa.

why the most Americans who on social media condemns the election of Trump as President were unable to elect Hillary? America who is the so called flag owner of women empowerment, in reality, dumps women in politics; they cannot stand the idea of woman as their leader.


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