Leisure Leagues Pakistan unveils trophy
'Nokia Ronaldinho and Friends' trophy unveiled at the event in Karachi by the Leisure Leagues Pakistan

Leisure Leagues Pakistan presented the ‘Nokia Ronaldinho and Friends’ trophy on July 4th in Karachi.

The majestic glittery trophy has been made in Australia and it possesses the Swarovski crystal.

The trophy will be given to the winning team in the exhibition match that would be played by the Ronaldinho and friends squad.

The stellar line up of Ronaldinho and friends includes Roberto Carlos, Luis Boa Morte, David James, Nicolas Anelka, Ronaldinho, Robert Pires, George Boateng and Ryan Giggs.

Among all these players, Ryan Giggs is the most admired and renowned player in the Premier League history; as he has won several medals in different leagues and World Cups including the biggest FIFA World Cup.

The event will provide a way to uplift and bring football in Pakistan and will start with the arrival of all the players in the country, on 8th and 9th July.

The matches will take place in Lahore and Karachi, the two big cities of Pakistan. Also, the local players will be seen playing with the international players in the event.

The local young players selected by the Leisure Leagues, playing, will add much excitement to the event.

It is a great achievement that players of this high status are coming to Pakistan to play.

Also, it gives a clear message to the world that Pakistan is a peaceful plus sports’ supporting and loving country.

“We feel highly honored to unveil the Nokia Ronaldinho & Friends Trophy as the sponsors of the big event. The international players from around the world are part of this mega event shows that Pakistan is sports loving country,” Ammar Ahmed, Head of Marketing, Near East, HMD said, at the occasion.

This event will also open the doors and opportunities for promoting the football in Pakistan.

Leisure Leagues Pakistan also launched the anthem song of Ronaldinho and Friends. Ali Azmat and Momina Mustehsan sang the anthem that marks and celebrates the spirit of football in Pakistan.


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