north of pakistan

An educational tour consisting of 43 girls and 30 boys along with 4 teachers from the department of Pharmacy from University of the Punjab went on a tour through Abbotabad, Shogran, Mansehra, and Siri paye through the past week.

“The north of Pakistan is like a part of heaven on Earth!” 

tells Iqra Bhatti.

Through the eyes of Iqra, we’ll go through the educational tour of her university and her experiences of these beautiful places through pictures!


north of pakistan

It was basically an educational tour, because the students were supposed to collect several medicinal plants. Although it turned to be completely opposite, Iqra says that visiting the North was a one of a lifetime experience with all her friends, and the views were absolutely breath taking.

The students started their journey at 11 PM, and took the route from GT road as it is shorter. They ended up at Mansehra around 8 AM where they had breakfast, and moved on Abbottabad and Shogran later where they enjoyed the peace and calmness.

north of pakistan

The greenery sends a sense of calmness through your mind, anyone who needs to relax really needs to visit these places!

The following day the journey was carried on to Siri paye. The roads on your way to Siri Paye are really dangerous, and no cars or coasters can pass from there. Jeeps were booked, and the jeeps took the students high up. The drivers of the jeeps were mostly Pathan who were really funny, they blasted up old ’90s songs as everyone enjoyed their way throughout.

Siri Paye is approximately 1300 ft above, and it felts like everyone was in the clouds. The only thing one could see from up there were clouds underneath!

north of pakistan

When you looked around, it felt as if you were looking at a painting, the only difference was that it was real and you were standing in front of it.

north of pakistan

Glimpses of rainbows were caught, the serene environment was enjoyed and mother nature was praised by the students. Everything there was solely indescribable. The silence and solitude there in the north of Pakistan is satisfying, being detached from your busy modern life into a place where you’re surrounded with nature and no signals is needed sometimes.north of pakistanIf only our media promoted these beautiful places instead of the negatives of Pakistan. Our country, especially north of Pakistan, is breath taking. It can attract so much tourism from different countries, like Cassandra de Pecol, who listed Pakistan as her top 10 must visit countries!

Visiting here for everyone atleast once in their lifetime is a definite must.


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