Five nutrition packed desi drinks to beat the heat this summer

Desi drinks in Pakistan

Are you tired of consuming the fizzy drinks in summers that fall a burden on your health while threatening to increase your body weight? Then these desi drinks that are a part of Pakistani traditional food are your answer. The nutrition packed summer beverages are a perfect option to cool down after a hectic day.



Lassi, the world famous desi drink has no alternate regarding taste and the chilling effect that it provides in burning summer season. The drink is a mixture produced as a result of churning up yogurt with milk. One can have a sweet Lassi or Salty & Spicy Lassi by adding sugar or salt depending on his taste. To add more taste one can use fruits in it. Many users try Mango Lassi in summer to make the best use of this fruit.

Badam ki Sardai

Badam ki Sardai

Badam ki Sardai which is the traditional Pakistani drink is more than just Almond milk. A mixture of Almond extracts, milk, poppy seeds, cardamom powder and rose water finds a perfect energy drink for the summers, which provides not only protection against heat but also imparts considerable health benefits. The drink is a complete diet that also eliminates to eat the heavy meal.

Sattu Drink

Sattu Drink

Have you ever heard the famous catch- phrase used by Sheikh Rasheed during his talk shows?

“Hukmuran Sattu Pee ker so rahy Hain,” which means that Rulers are in a deep slumber after having a Sattu Drink. From this quotation of Pindi boy, you can have an idea how powerful these Sattu can be in making you relieved from daily life tension and depression.

Sattu which is a traditional Punjabi drink is prepared by making mixing partially grind wheat grains, by mixing them with water and sugar. Users can add rose water and even lemon according to their taste. Apart from wheat, barley is also a common ingredient of sattu drinks.

Tukh Malanga Drink

Tukham Malanga DrinkConsuming a Tukh Malanga (Chia seed ) drink is the most nutritive way to get a chilled in hot summer days. Tukh Malanga seeds soaked in water with sugar rose water and lemon can keep maintenance of body systems, fulfilling mineral requirements and also giving a boost to the immunity system.

Imli our Alu Bukhara Sharbat

Imli and Alu Bukhara ka Sharbat

The great Imli Aur Aalu Bukhara Sharbat (Plum and Tumeric drink) is equally tasty along with being nutritious and this is what makes it distinguished among all desi drinks. Vendors commonly sell it at chowks, busy markets, bus stops and even in streets in hot summer days, Dried plums soaked in water along with sour turmeric not only make up for a delicious drink but also supports level in maintaining its performance while keeping the blood pressure at an optimum level.

Apart from these desi drinks, lemon with chilled water known as (Sakanjbeen) is also very famous for warding off the impact of hot weather.

Stay cool with Desi Drinks

A burning summer is ahead, and you are going to need these drinks for keeping your cool in the best way.

Do you want to add another one from your favorite traditional drinks in the list, then post it in comments.


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