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Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) is all set to teach media channels ethical norms by issuing them show-cause notices for airing obscene content; Geo News becomes the latest target.

PEMRA has issued a show-cause notice to Geo News for airing objectionable scenes featuring intimacy between a girl and a guy. According to the regulation of the authority, there are restrictions on broadcasting such content in Pakistan.

Authority has ordered Geo News to file its reply to the notification until 29 June 2017.  Failure to comply would result in hefty penalty or annulment of channel’s license by the PEMRA.

It seems that PEMRA has become much conscious about the moral health of Pakistani citizens as it has now started a crackdown on the media channels that dare to air content on social taboos. A few days back regulatory authority quickly responded to complaints of the public, disturbed by watching a drama that allegedly featured the idea of homosexuality by highlighting the relationship between two female friends.

Perhaps, PEMRA needs to understand that if shows on social issues can threaten the moral values, then how much damage these issues can cause to society in real life if left unaddressed.


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